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How to Remove a Live Animal Stuck Down a Wall

It is common to find an Ohio animal stuck in the wall as they are trying to gain entry, and in other cases, you find the animal is in dire need to get out, and this means they hurt their bodies as they try to get free. When you hear an animal is in pain, and makes noises, you have the obligation of saving it. When you do not do so, there are chances it shall die as it tries to free itself and this is a painful, and long death that it endures. You also find that the animal can die from starvation when it stays at the same place for long without access to food or water. Some of the cases, you shall find the animal trapped are when:
- Looking for food
- Searching for shelter
- Running away from prey
These are the common cases when you find there are animals stuck down the wall. You shall hear some funny noises, and this is an indication they are in danger and they need rescuing.

Use your hands
You can use a collection of means, which give you a good chance of breaking the animal free. Some of the cases are light, and does not need one to use any kind of equipment. You can simply use your hand and the animal shall become free. This is in cases of Cleveland animals, which cannot bite, or are not in a position they can use their teeth to bite you once you free them. You simply need to use your hands, and place them gently on the animal as you free them.

Use protective clothing
At times, these animals are very fierce and they think you want to harm them but this is not the case. When there is a porcupine, a skunk or a Cleveland snake trapped in the wall, or in a hole, you need to act fast. This includes the use of protective clothing, which enables you to remain safe at all times, when it comes to removing the animals. You shall not fear of bites, or being scratched once, you free the fierce animal.

Call animal control
If you do not have equipment, or find it hard to rescue the Ohio animal, there is no need to leave it in pain. This is your chance of calling on animal control and they shall come up with the right process of rescuing the animal.

Ensure your safety
Your safety comes first and this is the reason why you need to focus on means of being safe even when freeing the animal. You do not know if the animal will behave in a friendly manner or attack you once you free them. Some people mistake Cleveland animals to being peaceful, only for them to end up being attacked.

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