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How to Get Bats Out of a Barrel Tile Roof

Barrel tile roofs are very attractive in nature but also attract bats. Seems like they like beautiful residence! No, these roofs are warm, provide a vertical entry and are dark. The perfect combination of the most suitable roosting place of Ohio bats. In case the tarpaper below the tiles is torn, the bats will then reside and take over the attic rather than live below the tiles. These tiles are made with ridges which make it possible for the bats to enter. The small gap therefore makes it hard to remove the critters.

What danger do they pose?
As long as the Cleveland bats stay put in the ridges, they are not problematic. Whenever they find a wrinkle in the tar paper, they make it a hole then ultimately access either the interior of a building or the attic. The problem then becomes serious since bats carry rabies and can bite you if they access the living area. Bat guano at the base of the attic can create a strong odour which is a biohazard. The urine and droppings can leak through the ceiling creating an unsightly health hazard.

What diseases are you prone to due to bats?
Besides rabies, Ohio bats carry parasites with them like:
• Fleas
• Bugs
• Ticks
• Parasitic worms
The ultimate health concern revolving around bats is due to the fungal activity in the guano. Is the spores from the fungus are inhaled, they can cause a major breakdown in the respiratory tract, a condition known as histoplasmosis. The condition can spread throughout the body and become fatal. So, in case there is a bat infestation in your Cleveland home, make sure you clear all the guano periodically.

Whenever Ohio bats have ravaged your attic, you can remove them legally or humanely. Performing live bat exclusion is the best way. This is done by the exclusion devices which allow exit but no entry. This makes sure that all bats leave the attic. This method cannot apply to the barrier tile roofs. In this situation, you just have to bear with them until they migrate in winter. Until then, you can seal all ridges. You can also lay a net over the tiles to prevent future entry.

Seal the roof
After the migration, it is time to seal the ridges. It is a hectic process as all the ridges on the surface need to be covered. Before the sealing, ensure that there are no other damages beyond the ridges. If there are other problems, fix them before sealing. Install breathable pieces of steel materials to the gaps. This must be done properly to allow proper drainage. Seal all the other cracks that the Cleveland bats may use with roof sealants. Cover the chimney with wire mesh as they are other weak spots.

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