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How to Tear Down a Beaver Dam

Well, sometimes a Cleveland beaver dam may simply be an eyesore to people and they may be tired and may want to remove the dam. However, the dam may be housing beavers that are destroying the trees around. But before you remove the dam, there are a couple of things you need to put into mind.

Put into mind
Take note that destruction of a beaver dam may be considered as destruction of wetlands. This means that you may find yourself in court answering to charges of destruction of the environment. Secondly, taking down an Ohio beaver dam may pose a risk to you and your loved ones, therefore, ensure that you have the ability, capacity and knowhow before you can eve begin the exercise.

Methods you can use
- Backhoe: if financial constraints are not an issue, you can rent a back hoe and use it to tear the dam down. However, you must safely get it there and know how to use it well. While it is a fast method of tearing down the dam, the sudden rush of water can lead to drowning or flooding of your home compound. It could also destroy other dams downstream.
- Exploding the dam: for people who know how to operate explosives, you may use explosives to tear the dam. But of course you must be knowledgeable in the field of explosives.
- Pick, axe and shovel: while this is the most labor intensive, it is usually the most user friendly method to use. However, you need to remember that it will take time, as you need to do it over a period of time. What you need to do is just dig hole in the dam (about 6 inches deep) and let water run out slowly while dig, pick and shovel the dam away slowly.

Take note
It is dangerous to remove dams in culvert areas. When you do, ensure that you are not within the culvert and there are no people working within the culvert area downstream. Secondly, Cleveland beaver dams can be very big and dip. If your concern is just the water height, you can insert pipes into the dam to periodically drain water, and keep the water levels at a lover levels. However, you may concern to remove it if the beavers are destroying trees. Especially, exotic and rare species of trees. Understand what the environmental law says about wetland protection within your area before you find yourself in court.

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