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Cleveland Squirrel Removal - How to Kill a Squirrel

We do not kill squirrels. We humanely trap and remove them, or better yet, we use one-way exclusion doors that allow them to leave your attic or house, but not come back in. Squirrels are elegant animals; they run, mount, jump and can get in your house and injure it. It is not a hyperbole to say that squirrels cause thousands of dollars of smash up to property all over the country. They crush through ropes, wadding and sometimes even through walls. Because of that you may be asking yourself how to kill squirrel. Before you endeavor to kill it, you should do what you can to remove it alive; not only since it is the more humane thing to do, but because if you don’t you may end up with dead squirrel stink in every room of the home. Such consequences tell one will not to use venom. If you have pets or children in the house you want to hide poison, because there is always the chance that they will come in contact with the toxic and that can end up as a calamity. If you totally must kill squirrels, as an alternative of poison use one of many mortal traps available in home and garden stores everywhere. The traps are made to be alluring, effective and fast in trapping and killing a squirrel that may have made a home within your property. However, beware, they are tricky to set.

Squirrels Eat Poison After sometime?
If a squirrel is famished and there is some great food laid out for them, if it’s masquerading enough, they may gobble it. Squirrels love bird seeds, so this is occasionally used to shot to poison squirrel. Some people have attempted to merge some rat venom in with the bird seeds and offer this to the squirrels. Some people have also try ethylene glycol. Watching squirrels might be cute but they can become a appalling pain if they get in the house. They tend to destroy gardens of the houses. People think of poison on such occasion, even though it's not the paramount come within reach of. For your poison to be eye-catching to the squirrels, you'd have to be sure you do away with any other resource of food for them, which is stiff. If you have bird feeders slight, take them down until you are rid of the squirrels. Do not run off pet food outside. Wildlife in the house will find it. Thus eating your poisoned bird seed is not an option for them when they are getting their fill from the leftovers. There is one thing you need to watch out for if you poison your squirrels. Keep poison. Because if they enter the house they will hide somewhere and thus die there. One will not be able to find them before couple of days that is their body decomposes leaving bad odor behind. Exclusion of the dead squirrel will be neither easy nor pleasant. Also the poison can be perilous to both children and other pets.

Will Poisoned Squirrels Die Outside?
Poisoned squirrels will die outside if they stay longer outside the house premises after taking poison. If Cleveland squirrels are residing in the attic or ones house they might end up in the house before they die. One should take precaution measures in this regard. We never use poison in our Cleveland squirrel removal methods.

Lethal traps
Choose your weapon. There are several different choices suitable for squirrel hunting; the choices depend on the state in which one is residing. States law states which weapon one can use, and the procedure for acquiring its license. Make positive that you only use weapons you are happy with, licensed to use, and for which you know how to handle. Squirrels can be hunted by:
  • Bow and Arrow - Archery is the hunting technique that involves skill. Shooting a bow is not an easy task to learn. Mastering the weapon takes a lot of time and keenness.
  • Air Rifle - Air rifles are low-priced and effective if fired with accuracy. These rifles don’t make much sound thus a handy weapon for hunters to kill the squirrels.
  • .22 caliber firearm - The .22 caliber is probably the most commonly used magazine for hunting squirrels. Its size benefits in a way they it prevents from over killing. Its long range gives an average to the hunter by covering a larger area for hunting.
  • Shotgun - If what you desire is a bigger spread, than shotgun is what you need, the only drawback would be that your area range would be less that means you have to be at a certain distance from the animal in order to kill it.

Live Trapping
Any ambush must be set so that it will not harm other confined animals, such as birds. This means any squirrel trap should be laid in a tunnel, or under bark. The best time of year for trapping grey squirrels is between March and September, when their natural food is scarce. Live trapping is better rather to kill these gentle animals. For more info about us, click on: Cleveland Wildlife Pest Control